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Decoration, Balloons & Party Bags

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Forget Me Not Scarborough

Florist who also sells helium & foil balloons.

Mumbler recommended TH ’18

31 Gladstone Road, Scarborough, YO12 7BJ.
Telephone: 01723 363201

Party Bag Ideas

Some ideas for party bags as recommended by Mumbler’s

Strawberry plants

Sunflower seeds

Sweet cones

Books – bulk buy from The Book People or Usborne Books. Take advantage of the Kid Start savings too.

Small jewellery pieces and nail varnish for girls.

Hot Wheels cars, tractors, diggers or similar for boys.

For a recent party, I bought clay plant pots, the kids planted seeds, decorated a flower (with lolly sticks and card), popped a feather in and kept it as their “party bag,”