Light up your Christmas with a Scampston Christmas Tree!

From 26th November (Wednesday-Sunday each week, 10am – 4pm)

Come and buy your Christmas tree from Scampston Walled Garden this year!

We have been growing Christmas trees for direct sale to the public for decades on our farm at Scampston, near Malton.

Growing takes years of investment, constant skill and careful management to produce a quality Christmas tree. Each foot of growth can take up to two years. Each year the young trees are meticulously hand shaped and pruned in order to encourage the tree to branch and gradually achieve the full appearance of a perfectly proportioned Christmas tree.

When a tree is harvested, another is planted in its place, ensuring the production of our trees is entirely sustainable. Annual members of Scampston Walled Garden are entitled to a 10% discount on their Christmas tree.

Christmas trees are sold from Scampston Walled Garden, near Malton.

No pre-booking required.

01944 759111
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