Pregnancy Special Scarborough & Whitby

A very special cocktail

A very special cocktail

Very few pregnant women would dispute that during pregnancy, labour, birth and new motherhood you undergo more physical and emotional changes than at any other time in your life. Yes, it is those blessed hormones that are to blame, but how best can we ride the ups and downs smoothly and understand what is happening?

Practising yoga during pregnancy can help bring a sense of balance back to your life. You will feel calmer, more confident and stronger mentally and physically. One surprising benefit of pregnancy yoga is in understanding the power of the breath in allowing hormones to do their job.

So what on earth is that job? Well let’s consider labour as an example; how do we encourage oxytocin and endorphins to assist us in labour? When is adrenalin helpful and when not so much? What about prostaglandin and prolactin? Just the very names of these hormones are enough to bring you out in a cold sweat (blame adrenalin for that by the way) or maybe you feel like a reassuring hug (that’s oxytocin making you feel better).

With knowledge comes understanding and this in turn leads to acceptance, confidence and positivity. You are half way there now. Your final goal is to practise…oh yes, and practise some more. This is not for the faint hearted, are you still practising? Practice to relax (not the slouch in front of the telly relax, but a deep, soul satisfying, refreshing relax). Practice to breathe (yes really). Practice to stretch, to feel good and enjoy yourself. Yoga will teach you to accept and even embrace your changing shape, emotions and outlook.

Yoga – it is so much more than being bendy.

PREGNANCY YOGA DAY at The Buddhist Centre – a great opportunity to benefit from a wealth of knowledge from Rebecca Thompson and Helen Harris. More details HERE

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