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Essentials for Birth

Essentials for Birth

There’s lots of advice floating around about things you ‘need’ to get organised before you give birth. For the first baby, most of us have time to get myself super organised and it did bring me a sense of calm.

Many have batch cooked, bought and written all the birthday cards/presents for a few months, the nursery was perfectly decorated, the hospital bags (yes bags) were packed. we’d sit in the nursery on an evening trying to imagine how life would change. We were ready.

When you already have a child, time isn’t something you necessarily have.

Here’s a list of other essential preparations that no one ever thinks about!

Shower curtain on your bed

One of my big nightmare scenarios in both my pregnancies has been my waters going in bed. My sister in law told me that when she was planning her homebirth she had a shower curtain on her mattress and put the fitted sheet on top. Cheap and effective! Keep it on after the birth too for a bit!

Dark coloured bed sheets

Sorry to be so blunt but you bleed a lot after the birth and you don’t really want to see what might leak out, dark sheets are the answer.


Big white/light coloured knickers

So the one time you do actually want to see exactly what is coming out is towards the end, you might have show or your waters might trickle and you won’t be 100% certain that you aren’t just wetting yourself! Wear light coloured knickers and get the big belly warming ones, trust me you won’t want to give them up.


Sanitary towels/maternity pads

Definitely, towards the end of your pregnancy you could wear normal thin sanitary pads during the day so if to do have a show or your waters start to go you can’t soak up your specimen and take it to the midwife if you aren’t sure. Yes, they are used to that and will ask you loads of questions about it so having it for them to see really helps!

The maternity pads need to be the thickest you can buy, they need to soak up a lot of blood (more than a heavy period) and you’ll welcome the extra cushioning!


Perineal Massage

OK, so first time, you probably thought this absolutely hilarious. Not so funny when you end up with 3rd-degree tears. Read their how to blog and explore their other useful pregnancy blogs on their website here. 





Definitely something to consider. You have lots of options, you can buy CDs, go to a group class or book private one to one sessions. You seriously need to consider this as an investment in the physical and mental health if you and your baby. Read more here, with Ryedale Hypnotherapy.


To shave or not to shave?

My friend went for a pre-labour wax and had the most painful waxing experience if her life (beware everything is a lot more sensitive when you’re pregnant).  Tricky to shave when you can’t actually see! So trim is an option but the midwife really doesn’t care what your bush looks like, and if they need to they’ll shave it for you, by which point all of your dignity will have gone and you really won’t care.