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Must haves

Must haves

It is daunting knowing what to buy, what you actually need, what’s a gimmick and what you can really live without when it comes to those first few months with your new baby. Having asked the Chat Group (do join HERE), here are a few top tips as to must haves….

  1. Fabric muslins
  2. Stretchy sling or carrier
  3. Next to me crib
  4. Breast pads and lansinoh nipple balm
  5. A partner or a friend….for moral support and a helping hand
  6. Tommee Tippee prep machine and steriliser (if bottle feeding)
  7. Video monitor (they may be in your room to start with so may not need this initially – you have time to decide what will work for you)
  8. Bouncy Chair
  9. Snacks! And freezer food! Before the baby is born, fill your freezer with prepped meals. And do NOT turn down friends and families offers of food!
  10. Sleepyhead

Other tips included a Sleepyhead, COFFEE and an insulated cup for a hot drinks (and cold drinks), Ewan the Dream Sheep, baby sleeping bags…

If it is possible, have a set of nappy changing stuff and change of clothes upstairs and downstairs, especially in the early days when climbing the stairs feels like climbing Everest! Some have Moses baskets downstairs and use a Next to Me Crib for upstairs too.

Breast pump (best you can afford) and a nursing pillow if breast feeding. Some love Medala, others Hakka, I am sure you will find the one that works for you.

Some like bath stands and shnuggle baby baths. Others, liked lying them on the floor of the normal bath and letting them have a good kick, they love it!

First aid kits, electric ear thermometers and snot suckers all come in handy. Plus don’t forget to get some Calpol for the first set of injections!

I found my Ipad / Kindle invaluable for night feeds. Amazon Prime was pretty handy too, when you decided you needed something as of yesterday too! Plus get ready for your phone to become a baby album as you will most likely take A LOT of photos! We do an annual photo book to treasure those memories.

Most of all, they grow up fast, so enjoy every minute and you will find what works for you and your family.