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Packing your hospital bag

Packing your hospital bag

If you are anything like me, this probably won’t be something you will do massively in advance despite a lot of people telling you it’s a good idea. If you already have children, it’s likely you are leaving it even closer to “hospital time”.

There’s often only limited room in most delivery suites, and on most postnatal wards. With this in mind, pack only the essentials for a twenty four hour stay in hospital. Remember, your partner and family and friends will also be visiting and they will be able to bring in anything else you need.

If you are being induced, you may be in hospital for one or two days before your labour begins, so don’t forget to pack more luxuries such as magazines, books, snacks and a few more clothes.

Your Bag
• Clothing to wear home
• 2 button down night dresses (dark coloured if possible)
• Maternity pads (1 pack)
• Tracksuit bottoms, t-shirt / vest / feeding top / cardigan to wear afterwards
• Toiletries including lipsalve and aromotherapy oils – I used lavender and tea tree afterwards
• An old towel
• 5 pairs of large briefs (dark coloured). Old pants are better and more comfortable than disposable pants.
• Warm socks
• 2 comfortable and supportive bras
• Plastic bag for soiled clothing
• Flip flops
• Something comfortable to wear and easy to remove during labour
• TENS machine – great for pain relief. I hired mine from Tesco’s from approx. 37 weeks

Your Baby’s Bag
• Cotton wool
• Blanket to wrap baby in
• 3 Muslin cloths
• 6 Nappies
• 1 Hat (wool for winter, cotton for summer)
• 3 Vests or bodysuits – newborn size (the kind that have poppers)
• 3 Sleepsuits (newborn size)
• Cardigan

Don’t forget: your phone and charger! Any medication you may be on. Drinks and snacks (Haribo and jelly babies were good for me! Don’t forget some for your partner too!). Purse. Hypnobirthing CD if needed and of course your MATERNITY NOTES.

Good luck and I hope all goes well x SJ