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Why Should I have Newborn Photographs?

Why Should I have Newborn Photographs?

Congratulations if you’re expecting a new baby.  It’s the most amazing thing you’ll ever do in your life.  That beautiful bundle of joy will completely change life as you know it.


So the question I get asked is “do I need newborn photography?”  The answer is YES absolutely.  Once your child has grown out of all that expensive equipment that you bought like the pram or cot and they’re starting school what do you have left to remind you of that time?  Believe me, it goes very, very quickly.  Choosing to have a newborn shoot is an investment in your memories and will last more than a lifetime.


The newborn stage is so fleeting and your baby changes so much within that first couple of weeks.  Within the first 2 weeks they’ll change daily and soon lose their fresh newborn look.  At the end of the first 2 weeks they start to become more alert and start taking in their surroundings.


This is why it’s so important to have those photographs in the very early days of your baby’s life.  In years to come you can sit down with your child and show them a permanent reminder of the amazing journey that you have all been on as a family.  You can show your child how much they have been loved from the very beginning.


My newborn sessions are super relaxed.  I appreciate how exhausted you are and how you probably don’t feel at your best after having given birth.  Lets face it we don’t all come out of hospital with a flat stomach like Victoria Beckham!!!!  However, I always ask Mums to have photographs with their baby’s and I’ll use the right angles and lighting to create images that you’ll love.


The most important reason to have newborn photographs is not to have any regrets.  It’s very sad when parents come to me and say that they wished they’d had newborn photographs of their oldest children.  Time flew by so quickly before they realised that all they had as a memory where some blurry images on their phone.   Those are memories that you will never ever get back.


If you’re thinking about newborn photography and would like more information then please get in touch.  It’s better to book your session whilst still pregnant so that I can fit a few dates around your due date.  If you’ve already had your baby it might not be too late to fit you in and I do photograph babies around the 4, 8 and 12-month stage anyway.


Here are some lovely comments from my previous customers:


“We had a newborn session.  Vanessa is amazing at handling and photographing little babies and working around feeds/naps etc.  We are so happy with the results!  Can’t wait for our next session”.


“Vanessa is amazing at her job.  The photos she took of my children are lovely!  So pleased with them”.


“Vanessa is a wonderful photographer.  You won’t be disappointed with her work.  Her portraits are beautiful”.


I look forward to hearing from you!


Vanessa xx


P.S. I’d love to offer a 10% discount on my a la carte prices (includes digitals) if you mention that you saw me on the Mumbler.

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