The Giant Who Had It All


Jemima the Giant is an explorer and on her many travels she has picked up one of everything! Can you imagine?

Everything you could ever dream of? Jemima has it!

This gizmo, that thingummyjig, and even those whatsits. (You may not believe this, but she actually has a whatchamacallit too!).

Trouble is, everything keeps disappearing and Jemima has no idea why, where or who? Jemima definitely needs your help, you super sleuths, to find all her missing stuff.

Join us for Christmas interactive fun and nonsense aimed at 0-5yrs. Under 18 months go free (but do still need a ticket). Tickets are available from the box office on 01723 370541 and online at

Performed by CU Scarborough BA Hons Year Three Acting students.


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