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Be Amazing Family Choir

4 week Virtual Choir for anyone and everyone with a love of singing to get involved with.

4 x 1 hour long sessions over the next four weeks starting Thursday 14th May at 6.30pm.

Working with a professional musical director, all participants will have the opportunity to learn lots of warmups and vocal techniques before learning a new arrangement of the song ‘Lean On Me’ originally by Bill Withers.

At the end of the four weeks, we’re inviting all participants to video record their performance of the song so we can put together a ’supercut’ featuring everyone’s performance! No previous experience required – just a love for singing! Participants will be ‘on mute’ for lots of the sessions so there’s no need to be shy!

£12 per household.

More information can be found on our website, as well as the Be Amazing Arts Facebook and Instagram pages.

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Harminis at home!

Music and Fun! Let’s sing and dance and learn new songs and rhymes! Musical fun to help those families with younger children keep them entertained!

Call Kate Tyson on 07824 738813

Musical, multi sensory classes suitable from birth to 5 years old.

Have you had a baby recently and you’re looking for something to do?!? This isn’t how you thought maternity leave would be- no groups, weigh in and catch ups with other new mums, but don’t despair…your time will come 😊 and until then if you would like to join my Hartbeeps@home group.

Babies under 8 weeks go free.

There will be weekly sessions for you and your little one to join in with and a friendly group to ask for advice and support.

Email Anna for more information

07403 797796


📲 Online Skills Programme with TEAM #hawkeshealth is now available.

⚽️ Stay On The Ball – Our New Home Skills Programme

🔥 Our Ball Mastery Programme will be available in 3 stages.

1. 5-8 years –
2. 8-11 years –
3. 12+ years –

⏰ These will be 30-60 minute sessions sent to you to complete with online video and email needed to complete the sessions.

⁉️You will book through the class for kids links above – this will be live to book now, ready to start next week.

✅ All you need is a small space and a football! Who’s Joining us?

🙏Thank you to everyone who has supported recently, it means the world.


Fun Music sessions posted as videos on Kathy’s Facebook page throughout the week.

Voluntary donations HERE if you feel you can.

Visit Facebook for the videos HERE

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Little Yoga Stars

Little Yoga Stars have set up a Youtube channel HERE

Little Yoga Stars brings the most popular childrens books and films to life through Yoga. Designed for pre-schoolers and primary school aged children 2 – 10.

Each episode follows a theme and Becky takes us through the story with age appropriate yoga poses. For more information visit

Little Yoga Stars brings Childrens Yoga in to primary schools and nurseries on the Yorkshire Coast in the UK.

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Magical Quests North

Magical Quests North are offering online parties or one to ones for birthday children via Zoom.  Your little ones’ favourite character can provide a birthday experience beamed into their own home and shared with some of their friends too!  Get in touch at for further details of costings etc.

We are also sharing bedtime stories and character stories watchable on our Facebook page,  and requests are welcome!

The Mini First Aid online course has been developed so it is interactive, confirms understanding and tests learning, making it truly engaging. Once complete, parents feel confident in applying the knowledge they have just learned. Like our award-winning practical classes, the online course covers CPR, Choking, Bumps, Burns, Breaks, Bleeding, Febrile Seizures, Meningitis and Sepsis Awareness. The course takes two hours in total, but can be paused and returned to, making it perfect if parents are distracted or called away by their little one (s).

How do I book my online course?

  • Go to our website MFA York , click the “classes for adults” link on the home page
  • Classes cost £25 pp, and are accessed via a code which will be emailed to you
  • Parents will then be encouraged to attend a practical class at a later date
  • If you are already booked on one of our face to face classes and don’t wish / are unable to attend, please contact your local trainer who can discuss postponements or online options with you.

The NSPCC Pregnancy in Mind service is for pregnant women who are experiencing anxiety and/or depression. We know that pregnancy can be an anxious time for many women and that the current circumstances are likely to be causing additional stress and uncertainty.

We usually run a group work programme but as we are currently unable to offer this we are offering a remote one-to-one service.

The service will offer approximately 4 x weekly sessions. The focus is around reducing anxiety/improving mood and providing techniques and strategies to manage this. Once you’ve contacted us a worker will be allocated and they will be in touch to have a chat with you about your needs so they can make sure the sessions offer you the support you need.

Contact will be by phone initially but then if you prefer we can use alternative media to support video contact.

Please get in touch to find out how we can offer you support.


If a worker isn’t immediately available then someone

will get back in touch as soon as possible.

Please leave your name, contact number and email address.

01904 232800

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Pregnancy Yoga

Recommended by midwives this is the perfect all round mind and body preparation for  labour, birth and beyond

Yoga practice during pregnancy is very beneficial to reduce stress, control your mood swings, balance and calm your mind and enhance a healthy sleep pattern. The gentle postures help to relieve fluid retention, improve circulation, flexibility, stamina, strength and help to open the pelvis to prepare for labour. The breathing techniques are a wonderful aid to ease labour pain and encourage you to focus your mind.

Suitable anytime from about 14 weeks through to full term

Monday 7pm – 8.15pm

Rebecca Thompson
07966 202738

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Scarborough Museum Trust

Whispers from the Museum

Scarborough Museums Trust is calling on adventurous young people to help solve a brand new mystery, Whispers from the Museum, at Scarborough Art Gallery and the circular Rotunda Museum.

The museum and gallery are closed at the moment, but strange messages have been appearing inside – who or what is making them? And what are they trying to tell us?

For six weeks from Tuesday 12 May, young people – and their grown-ups – will be able to help uncover stories about some of the museum objects by completing online missions and challenges from their own home.

The online adventure, Whispers from the Museum, created by artist Kirsty Harris, will feature fictional young girl called George whose older brother Sam works at the gallery and museum.

George can’t visit Sam: like everyone else, she’s staying home. But Sam still sends her videos and photos of what he’s been up to. Recently some very strange things have been appearing overnight in the museum.

To find out what’s been going on, participants are invited to take part in exciting weekly missions. They can open the missions on their screen or print them if they prefer. Each mission will include simple creative projects, like art or writing, and when finished can be shared on social media. To access each new mission, those taking part will need to answer a simple question or solve a puzzle.

Kirsty Harris says: “Objects and paintings are sitting quietly within the walls of the museum. With no visitors to look at them and think about why they’re so special, their meaning may begin to fade. But they’re still there, full of stories and meaning and purpose. They can reach out to us, asking us to keep their stories alive.

“In a few short weeks, the world we know has become unrecognisable in so many ways. Hundreds of thousands of children are facing months of staying at home, with little real-life contact with the outside world and the inspiration it brings. It’s a lonely prospect, and one that may leave many wondering about their place in the world.”

Whispers from the Museum is aimed primarily at young people aged seven to 11, although younger and older children will also enjoy the challenges. Free to take part, the first mission launches on Tuesday 12 May at

YouTube channel

Tuesday 11am – 11.45am

This is a 5 week baby massage course. The full price for the course is £25 but for this course, but pay what you can. However if you would like me to send some essential oil samples, could you please choose a paid option.

Baby massage can really help you to bond with your baby, sooth and reduce crying, help with sleep and sooth common ailments.

The course will introduce a different massage area each week and give you a chance to ask questions.

Each week we will explore a different essential oil and how it can be used for the whole family.

You will also learn about story massage giving you tools you can use with your baby as they grow. You will need a baby or a doll to practice on, you can do this course when you are pregnant or with your baby. Ideal ages are 6 weeks to 6 months but you can do this at any time.

You will also need some oils for massage, I recommend using a pure natural vegetable based oil, grapeseed or coconut oil are both great but sunflower oil would also work

The massage will only last about 30 mins, but you are welcome to stay and chat after.



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The Balance Rooms

All of our yoga and pilates practices are available via live streaming through zoom at the same scheduled times, so just sign up on the app or website as you usually would and you’ll receive an email before each practice with a link to the practice.

11 Smiddy Hill, Pickering, YO18 7AN

07490 535001

The current climate is uncertain, if you need support or just want to see a friendly face, feel free to join us on Thursday 11.30am from the comfort of your own home.

It helps to download zoom in advance so your connection is quicker.

Please don’t worry about being on time, just join in when you’re ready.

Join Zoom Meeting

Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting now

In uncertain times, anxiety is heightened, Maria a qualified antenatal and hypnobirthing teacher is bringing mums together via zoom to discuss birth options and teach relaxation techniques. Every Friday evening. 7.30pm For free.


Water Babies have been working closely with a range of fantastic partners to put together a programme of live sessions for families and our very own Tory is presenting a number of them which is amazing for the Yorkshire region!

Experts in the field of sleep, nutrition, midwifery, first aid and aquatic safety will be on the bill to name just a few.

Open to everybody and all completely FREE!

If you pop along to the website via the link below you can find out more information and see the  calendar of events:
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Wilbur & Flops

Wilbur and Flops are going online in this tricky time. A great opportunity to help and entertain your little ones with stories, rhymes. pre-phonics and phonics.