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Find an Online Tutor during the Lockdown

An increasing number of parents are turning to online tutoring  to help their children learn whilst schools are closed.

Online Tutoring during lockdown

As many parents consider another half term of home schooling, it can be overwhelming and exhausting. Over the past few weeks mums and dads have tackled trying to teach their children,  whilst home working, doing the usual cleaning, cooking and more.

Whilst schools have adopted different approaches to help parents during the lockdown, you may find yourself needing a little more help over the coming weeks.

Online tutoring allows you to take control of your childs learning, using secure online classrooms, with qualified teachers.

If you’ve never used a home tutor before, you may have lots of questions. We have lots of help and support over on our site and are always happy to help, however here are some of our top tips on how to make the most of online tutoring for your child.

Choosing the Right Subject and the Right Tutor

There are thousands of online tutors to choose from on the Tutorful platform, from Maths and English to Japanese and Music Theory. The chances are that if you’re considering a tutor at the moment, it is likely to be in a subject that your child is struggling with at the moment, or that you yourself are not especially confident in.

Having a private tutor offers more detailed and in-depth study of a subject. Using our online classroom, your child is able to video call, use the online whiteboard and share documents with their tutor.

You may of course be looking at something to offer a bit of variety for your child, or help them with a musical instrument etc. There really is something to suit every need and our tutors are happy to discuss your specific requirements.

When searching for a tutor, you are able to read their  profile in order to learn more about their experience and see useful details such as how many repeat learners they have and how many hours they have taught. All useful information to put your mind at ease.

Search for an online tutor in any subject here.

Setting Clear Goals

Whilst it’s tempting to want your online tutor to  effectively take the place of your child’s teacher, be mindful that time with a tutor is limited and  your best approach is to identify clear goals for your child. Online tutors can then focus on achieving those goals.

So, how do you set goals for your child’s learning?

  • It’s better to work in baby steps so that you can see the progress your child is making and give your child confidence in a subject.
  • You might be working to a specific grade, so make this clear to the tutor

It’s important to set clear goals and then make sure that both your child and their online tutor know what they’re working towards.

Measuring Progress

A good way of doing this is to check in regularly with your child’s tutor to ask how they’re getting on. Most tutors will be more than happy to maintain open discussion with you as a parent and keep you updated.

You should also check your child’s work, seeing the kind of marks and grades they’re receiving. This should show progress over time.

Online Tutoring is Well Worth the Investment

By investing in online tutoring, you’re helping your child to continue their learning and development in a structured environment. Your child might just benefit from some face to face virtual lesson time and benefit from having direct feedback.

The price of a tutor session costs between £15 and £35 per hour, based on several elements and the needs of you and your child. Online tutoring is particularly cost and time-efficient and Tutorful gives you access to the best tutors acoss the country.

Find an online tutor today at Tutorful. 

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FREE platform to make STEM subjects learning experience both enjoyable and effective. We offer interactive lessons targeted to students studying towards their Maths, Physics and Biology GCSEs. Our lessons are also available via an iOS app.


Love2Teach Tutoring – Scarborough

Love2Teach helps parents and students find tutors across Scarborough to help with academic subjects (Primary, GCSE, A-Level, Dyslexia), languages, music, singing and dancing. You can find a tutor in 5 minutes online or phone us for a 1-2-1 service, our tutors are verified by us – From £12 per hour.


Nicola Baxter – Specialist Maths tutor

Available to teach in Scarborough, Malton and the wider Ryedale area. I have been tutoring for 8 years and qualified as a teacher 4 years ago. All levels taught including Primary, GCSE, Functional skills and A Level.

First lesson offered free to get to know the student. Prices start from £20 an hour.

Contact Nicola on 07848 012895.