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Baby beaver born in Cropton Forest, North Yorkshire

Thursday 2nd July Forestry England are happy to announce a new addition to the beaver family at Cropton Forest, with the arrival of another healthy baby kit. This brings the total number of youngsters on site to three, alongside the two adults initially introduced. The two kits born in May last year have both progressed…

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Fostering Siblings

Fostering Siblings is an amazing way of keeping brothers and sisters together. When a child comes into foster care, it can be a very difficult time, often made worse if they are separated from their siblings. Here at Fostering North Yorkshire we know how important it is to keep brothers and sisters together, while providing…

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What to do with Strawberries!

As Pick Your Own season is upon us, you may be wondering what to do with your strawberries when you get them home! Here are a few ideas…. Strawberry Jam 1kg hulled strawberry 750g jam sugar juice 1 lemon small knob of butter  (optional) Prepare the strawberries by wiping them with a piece of damp kitchen paper. (Wiping the strawberries…

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Coronavirus Update: Summary of Changes from the 4th July 2020

Published 23rd June 2020 Boris Johnson announced this lunchtime a host of changes, in line with the Governments ‘road map’, to the lockdown restrictions we and businesses have seen over the last 3 months in England. A summary of some of the key points: Reduction of the social distancing measures from 2m to 1m where…

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How to get your child “School Ready” during lockdown

How you can support your child as September and the start of their Reception year approaches. Part 1 – Positive Beginnings Obviously, due to COVID-19 lockdown, you will not all have had the opportunity to visit your child’s new school or for them to meet their new teacher or key worker. I know some schools…

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Pregnancy yoga – breath and imagery – a powerful combination

Using images or visualisation can help you connect more easily with your breath and increase the benefits of your breathing practices. Many women, when they come to pregnancy yoga, have not spent prolonged periods of time focusing on their breath (unless they have previously practised yoga) and so find this part of yoga tricky to…

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Morrisons Scarborough

Morrisons Scarborough Community Page has been set up to raise awareness for colleagues and customers about what is going on in your local Scarborough Morrison’s Store. During these difficult times of COVID 19 Lockdown, they have been super busy, working hard to help the community, in particular, those who are vulnerable and at risk. Alternatively…

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Attractions and Gardens Re-Opening Post Lockdown

With an easing of lockdown restrictions, some of our favourite outdoor attractions and gardens are re-re-opening over the coming weeks.  Lots do still have some restrictions in place and require pre-booking, I have included details below but please check out details directly before travelling. Please also stick to the Government Guidance on what you can…

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Bugs, Glorious Bugs!

Kids love digging up a few good bugs to play with – even if it makes the rest of us squeamish. And during National Insect Week (June 22nd – 28th 2020), it’s the perfect time to celebrate our wriggly, buzzing, flying and crawling little friends. However, given the current circumstances, you may wish to bring…

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Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day with the Family

Father’s Day is just around the corner and this year it is likely to be different to normal, no lunches out, no special days out – perhaps a bit samey to everyday life. So here are a few ideas as to what you may be able to do to make it a bit more special,…

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